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Christina - Army Mom


Known as "ArmyMom" on the Internet, my writings have been published in a number of Veterans' periodicals and magazines, newsletters and a newspaper in Texas. My poems have been read at a number of ceremonies in the States over the last several years and are also used in schools - once as the basis for a play about Vietnam as the theme for a Veterans' Day writing assignment in an elementary school and my poem "Boots" was the front page in a book on "Remembering Veterans Of All Wars" in the Korean/Vietnam section. I have also had the honor to have read several of my poems at the Moving Wall when it was displayed in Tampa Bay, Florida in April 2001.

Most of my "war" poetry has been inspired by people I knew who started going to Vietnam in 1963 when I was 16 through to the end of the Vietnam war. Some were friends, some were boyfriends, and one was my husband - we divorced later.

The POW poems were mostly inspired by the man whose bracelet I wore in memory: Major Jon Reynolds - and my imagination.

My son, Michael T. Ream, who is a Staff Sergeant in the Army is often the subject of my writings, as is his son, my grandson. Michael served in Somalia, Korea, Germany, and Bosnia. It sometimes seems that I have been sending care packages forever!

I have a dog and three cats, and am a legal secretary. I like to read and crochet and write letters and poetry and am also researching my father's service in China during WWII.

I can be contacted by e-Mail at