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Parrot Islad Soap CompanyAll About Women in Vietnam

American Legion Riders: Post 104
We are mostly older Vietnam vets, but we are beginning to attract more of the younger men and women to our organization. We are very active in the Patriot Guard Riders organization and each of us has been deeply touched by the tragety that is today's war in Iraq.

Annell's Comfort Zone
Outreach Specialist in Texas, and my friend

Bushranger's Revetment
Poetry, Stories and Photographs of and by Anthony W. Pahl, an Australian Vietnam Veteran

Bob Wheatley's Viet-REMF Home Page
In the rear with the gear

CBI Information Site
China, Burma, India Theatre of WW II

Chris Young Music
Chris Young's Country Music

Dave's NamTales
Stories about the Vietnam Experience

Home Page of the Mobile Riverine Force

International War Veterans' Poetry Archives (IWVPA)
Poems and Short Stories by War Veterans and Friends of War Veterans from around the world

Christina's Swedish Nephew's Website

Leigh's Air America Brat Home Page
Dedicated to her Dad

Military Travels
The Writings of Thurman P. Woodfork (Woody) and Friends

Operation Just Cause
Bring Our POW/MIA's Back Home

Operation Top Knot
Link to a group that makes baby blankets and little outfits for the babies of soldiers who are posted overseas.

Patriot Guard Riders
The Patriot Guard Riders is a diverse amalgamation of riders from across the nation. We have one thing in common besides motorcycles. We have an unwavering respect for those who risk their very lives for America"s freedom and security.

POW Network: Remains Returned
Vietnam Conflict, Mayaguez, Glomar Java Sea, Bay of Pigs

Soldiers' Angels
Soldiers' Angels currently supports thousands of American Service Members stationed wherever we raise our Country's Flag and the number is growing daily. We also work tirelessly supporting our Wounded Soldiers, with transitional backpacks, personal visits, phone calls, etc. Additionally, we send our thanks via letters and email to the military of Great Britain, Poland and Australia who serve by our soldiers side in Iraq.

Soldiers' Angels - Iraq War Today
This Soldier's Angels Website specifically related to news and information for and about our Troops in Iraq.

SOS - Support Our Soldiers
Adopt a Soldier or a whole Platoon - This Site packed with information

The Poetic Plumber
The Writings of Roger J. Robicheau, The Poetic Plumber