Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Fred Alvis


Fred resides in Indiana.
He served as a Helicopter Gunner and Crew Chief in Vietnam: July 1971 - July 1972


Peace, the gentle sister of war,
was known and loved throughout the land.

Mothers, fathers, little sisters too,
knew Brother War could get out of hand.

Ah, but little boys, loved him so,
played his games and had a ball.

Kill the Indians, kill the Krauts,
kill the Yankees, kill them all.

Brother War had his plan,
bullets, agent orange and the gas.

Kill every living thing,
burn, steal, rape the lass.

Mothers, fathers, little sisters too,
lit the candles, and cried.

Death and war,
and little boys pride.

Mother Nature and her gentle hand,
with Sister Peace looks over the land.

Begone war with your pain,
love of peace with flowers in the bloody sand.

People grow tired of war and loss,
he makes no sense in the end.

Listen and you will hear
those dead little boys, crying in the wind.

©Copyright July 23, 2006 by Fred Alvis

A poem inspired by War and Peace
©Copyright July 22, 2006 by Christina