Army Mom’s Safe Haven


T-Bone is a former US Marine, a Vietnam Veteran and lives in Northern New Jersey.


That day for which I had survived
I woke just as the dawn arrived
I felt a buried hope revived
And made my way to chow

The girlfriend I had made in war
Had been flown out two days before
A pilot's favor helped make sure
Manila had her now

Her New Home

All through the night before that day
I spent with Brothers who would stay
And we all knew there was no way
To speak what our hearts meant

What words are there to ever do
Some justice to what we'd been through?
But in our faces, we all knew
Our truth and heart's intent

Leaving Home

On board a Herc I stowed my gear
Da Nang began to disappear
I felt a wonder and a fear
As Saigon drew me in

At Tan Son Nhut I stopped to get
A long hard look, I won't forget
New faces stepping off a Jet
Their war now to begin

Missing Home

I got on board that very plane
Flew off the Vietnam terrain
Above the ones who would remain
My insides feeling torn

I crossed from the South China Sea
Still questioning if I should be
Leaving friends and going free
Back to where I was born

Heading Home

Somewhere above an ocean's wave
The kind of sleep war makes you crave
Came over me in time to save
My mind from shattering

The shade was pulled on Sun that gleamed
And maybe then I even dreamed
Of things, for years, or so it seemed
Had all stopped mattering

Close To Home

For hours more I slept and dosed
I woke above the U.S. coast
And like a resurrected ghost
America, below

I touched down on her concrete hand
I thought of all the things I'd planned
I watched my feet and saw them stand
Back in this world I'd know

Almost Home

Coming from the Airport gate
Were people there to demonstrate
Who started shouting words of hate
And moved so I could see

They threw steers blood and rancid meat
That splashed my legs and hit my feet
Wrote "Baby Killer" on a sheet
And spit all over me

Welcome Home

©Copyright June 17, 2005 by Tim Bone