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A late Victorian English poet from Buddington, Sussex, Francis William Bourdillon was born on March 22, 1852, educated at Worcester College, Oxford, and acted as tutor to the Prince and the Princess Christian at Cumberland Lodge. He published 13 volumes of poems from 1878 to 1921. One poem of the nearly 500 he wrote secured his fame, "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes." He also did scholarly editing of poems and chronicles from Old French. His edition and translation of Aucassin & Nicolette came out in 1887. In 1906 the Bibliographical Society published his study, The Early Editions of the Roman de la Rose. He died on January 13, 1921.

Copyright: Amy Brown Art


She turned the page of wounds and death
with trembling fingers. In a breath
the gladness of her life became
naught but a memory and a name.

Farewell! Farewell! I might not share
the perils it was yours to dare.
Dauntless you fronted death; for me
rests to face life as fearlessly.

Written by F.W. Bourdillon