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Christina [ArmyMom]: Horace Coleman: A Black Soldier Remembers


Horace Coleman holds an MFA degree from Bowling Green State University. In addition to being a former university professor, he has been a writer-in-the-schools, worked in public reltions, been a technical writer, published in a number of anthologies and lived in six states. Originally from Ohio, he now lives in Southern California. He is a Viet Nam veteran, "class of '67."

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My Saigon Daughter I only saw once,
standing in the dusty square across
from the Brink BOQ/PX, in back
of the National Assembly, not far from the
ugly statue of the crouching marines
facing the fish pond the VC blew up during Tet.

The amputee beggars watch us.
The girl and I have the same color
and the same eyes.
She does not offer me
one of the silly hats she offers Americans,
but I'm not Senegalese and
I have nothing she needs but
the sad smile she already has.

Written by Horace Coleman