Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Jane Cooper


Jane Cooper, poet, essayist and teacher, was born on October 9, 1924 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and was raised in Jacksonville, Florida.

With thanks to the New York State Writers Institute


Between five and fifty
most people construct a little lifetime;
they fall in love, make heirs, they suffer
and pitch the usual tents of understanding.
But I have built a few unexpected bridges.
Out of inert stone, with its longing to embrace insert stone,
I have sent a few vaults into untouched air.
Is this enough - when I love our poor sister Earth?
Sister Earth, I kneel and ask pardon.
A clod of turf is no less than inert stone.
Nothing is enough
In this field set free for our play
who could have foretold
I would live to write at fifty?

Written by Jane Cooper