Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Dan Decker: Welcome Home



"Welcome Home," she said
and I almost died
Something buried broke loose
way down deep inside.

My Dad came home a hero
from World War Number Two
I came home despised
I thought I was a hero, too.

We both fought for our country
They sent us "over there"
He came home a hero
I came home in despair.

They put on a big parade for him
Bands, confetti, little kids
and speeches -
They spit on us at the airport
Called us "baby killers" and
sons of bitches.

27 years later, she said
"Welcome Home" and I
almost died -
something buried broke loose
burst past my chains, and
I cried.

©Copyright Date Unknown by Dan Decker

With grateful thanks,

This poem was written for Christina by TSgt Dan Decker, USAF Retired,
in response to her poem, Welcome Back
©Copyright 1997 by Christina