Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Gloria Emerson


Gloria Emerson's work as a foreign correspondent for The New York Times took her to numerous war zones — Nigeria, Northern Ireland and, from 1970-72, Vietnam. Her moving reports about the war's civilian casualties earned her the George Polk award for excellence in international reporting. Emerson's book about Vietnam and America's reaction to it, Winners and Losers, won the National Book Award for non-fiction in 1978.

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Reporting America at War

"The aircraft was called a 'dustoff'... It was an ordinary thing for a reporter to do, riding choppers collecting the wrecked. One American, named John, was picked up for a head wound and lay on the floor, not dead or not alive. The medic could not stop the bleeding. There were never doors on the helicopters, so the wind moved his hair where the blood did not make it stick. It all becomes normal, the other correspondents, men, would say. In time, you'll see. They lied."

©Copyright Gloria Emerson, Journalist: Vietnam, 1972

From the Book:
Visions of War, Dreams of Peace. Writings of Women in the Vietnam War
Edited by Lynda Van Devanter and Joan A. Furey