Army Mom’s Safe Haven


HHC 2/116th Cavalry


As I prepare myself for a journey to a country so very far away,
I think of my wife, children and family, and all the things I would like to do and say.

One of the hardest things that a husband and father could ever do,
Is to leave behind the ones that are so very close to you.

How can I ease the loss that they must feel within their very heart?
How can I help them to understand the reasons we are apart?

I know they will miss me when I am away from their side,
So I pray that their sadness will be replaced with great love and pride.

I am an American soldier, a protector of freedom and of all that is right,
It is my duty and my honor when this country calls me to fight.

I must honor my promise to my family to protect them from all that is bad,
That is my duty, not only as a soldier, but also as a husband and a dad.

I will fight with my brothers and sisters with fierce American pride,
We will restore this country's faith, and honor those who have died.

Do not think I am not afraid of the terror I am about to face,
Or the thought of not returning home from such a horrific place.

Soon this war will be over and returning home you will see,
Your husband, your dad and your son for all eternity.

So when people ask you where I am or what it is that I do,
Look them in the eye and proudly say,
"He is an American soldier fighting for freedom; he is fighting for you."


©Copyright April 16, 2004 by Anthony D. Ewing

Dear Christina,

My name is Anthony Ewing and I was just surfing the net and found your page. I was thrilled to read the poem I wrote on this website. I wrote this to just kind of help my wife and kids understand that I did not want to leave them but why I must. I am surprised to see this here because I did not give it out to anyone but my wife and kids. Thank you for posting on your website though because I know a lot of soldiers feel this way. It has been truly and honor for me to share this with others.

Again, thank you for posting it and you have a wonderful website...

Cpl Anthony Ewing
J uly 11, 2004