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Virginia Graham: Retreat
"Silent Heroes" - Aaron Mitchel Gallery
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When there is peace again, soldier, what will you do?
I shall go back to the job I had before
Behind the counter of the hardware store ~
that's what I'll do.

And you, sailor, when you have left the sea?
I shall go back to my job as a plumber's mate,
and lean of an evening on my garden gate~
that'll suit me.

What will you do, brave man with the silver wings?
I shall return, I hope, to my pre-war life,
to my dog and my weekend golf, and my wife
and such-like things.

And I, myself, what is my heart's desire?
I want to go back to a house that is all mine,
to lie in one of my own chairs on my spine
by the fire.

Back, back, is where all of us want to go,
each to his little well-worn, well-loved spot;
So who in the wide world's going forward
Is what I'd like to know.

Written by Virginia Graham