Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Dustin Haskell: The Eagle


Dustin is my nephew (Becky's son), and a United States Marine


He was strength, courage, staring at death
The humble eagle upon an eternal perch
The foundation of my life and ideals
His Blood flows with mine at every heartbeat
Filling me with the purity of innocence
Pierced with the pride of mankind
The nails of fear and doubt driven through Him
The scarring thorns of sin sit on His brow
Some weep, others scorn, yet He loves them all

To His Father He cries: Why?
Have You forgotten Me? Your only Son?
Must I bear this weight for all eternity?
Pain resides in His eyes, anguish in His Heart
Leather had split His flesh, the Blood of the Innocent
The cracks of the persecutors whip mixed with His anguished cries
The pain now forgotten, He slowly slips into silence

His weak words expelled from His bloodied lips for our souls
"Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do"
He takes His final breath, asking His Father to hold
His pure soul gently in His hands
His head falls forward and Life leaves His lungs
His arms, like wings, are outstretched so that all may know
He is the majestic bird bearing our saving grace to Heaven
Jesus Christ, the Only Son, our Lord's soaring Eagle

©Copyright April 2001 by Dustin Haskell