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 Christina - Army Mom: 2002
Hi! My name is Christina and I’m known on the Internet as “ArmyMom”

My Old Man

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This site is dedicated to all warriors, past and present, with a special mention for my late father, Captain Robert H. Phillips, a Bronze Star recipient who served in WWII in China, and for my son, Michael, who serves in the US Army present.

The site is also for those POWs, who have returned, those still waiting to come home, and all the MIA who are, as yet, unaccounted for. You Will Never Be Forgotten

My mission is to provide, through my poetry, the “WELCOME HOME” and understanding you all deserve. As mentioned above, my father served during WWII. My ex-husband served in Da Nang, SVN 1969/70, my son is still serving in the US Army, and I had a number of pen pals in Vietnam. I have, therefore, great empathy for all Veterans and I truly hope that my words will serve to bring a measure of comfort to you.

Along with my poetry, you’ll find quotes from other poems and books. In all cases, I’ve given credit to those authors. I have long admired the ability of the human spirit to triumph over adversity and seemingly impossible odds – that awesome act of putting one foot in front of the other.

“You may not be interested in War, but War is interested in you”