Army Mom’s Safe Haven



If I am killed and my body is left in the carnage of the battlefield where I fought and gave my life
blood to nourish the ground where I lay.

Do not say that I am lost; I am not lost as long as someone says my name. Do not expend your resources to bring my mortal remains to what was my home,

I am where I am supposed to be and where I want to be. Here in this battlefield where men have fought since time began. Here I am with my brothers.

Do not memorials, make for me. If memorials you need to remember me then know that I am not there, 'neath the sod where the Memorial stands, nor am I lost.

I know where I am and I want to stay here, here in this ancient battlefield where good men all fought and died. Leave no light to guide my way to you in the window.

I am not coming towards your light; rather I go towards a different light, a light that beckons the Soldier who has lost his battle, a light that is welcoming and warm.

Do not mourn for me, do not your tears shed for this Soldier who has lived countless times before and will again when Nations beckon my kind.

When that happens, I will return to the home of my ancestors, don my armour, and again go forth to fight and die as I have done countless times.

Please, call your search for my remains off, call to you the beings in the skies that disturb my sleep, do not search for me, I know where I am, and I am happy.

Here I wish to remain, remain with my brothers; I am tired now and only wish to sleep until again my spirit is called forth.

©Copyright June 16, 2007 by JJ McCloud