Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Norman A. McDaniel
Photo by Rudi Williams


Norman A. McDaniel, a retired Air Force colonel, calls himself "one of the luckiest of the unlucky" because he survived a missile attack on his aircraft, a hail of enemy small- arms ground fire and nearly seven years of torment in the "Hanoi Hilton," a prisoner of war camp.

Information with thanks to
American Forces Press Services


As time goes by, I find no need to cry,
though fate has frowned upon my upturned face,
and happiness has mostly passed me by,
I still await the hand of saving grace.

For six long years I've sat behind these bars,
sometimes too cold, more often, too hot.
Through windows small at night, I watch the stars
And wonder why to me befell this lot.

To cry would seem to say that I am weak
though six long years detained, my strength has wrest;
While oft' from here my fate looks naught but bleak,
Still, I must stand and try to meet the test.

I'm still a man, and though I'm badly bent,
I'll hope and strive until my life is spent.

Written by Norman A. McDaniel