Army Mom’s Safe Haven

William Brendan McPhillips


A Poet on a Magical Journey Home
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William Brendan McPhillips: Veterans


Remember not the glory but the cause,
The way it would be, not the way it was
Before we were, before the oath and all
The stuff nostalgia brings to love, recall
Those buddies, pals and comrades we became
In that brief time, and worry not the name,
But keep the deep unaging promise sworn
Against the certainty of aging worn,
And stand in grand determination, give
The day gone tribute, now the joy and live
As quiet heroes, heroes just as sure
As those who died; the living too endure
The challenge peace, the peace we sought and won,
Remember us, when all is said and done.

©Copyright November 19, 1999 by William Brendan McPhillips