Army Mom’s Safe Haven



My head lay on my pillow,
in just a certain way
And I could hear my heart beat
at the end of a long day –

I recognized the sound and then
I started silently to pray:

I lived my life for Michael
when he was young and small
I asked You then to let me live
till he was grown and tall…

I asked You then to help me
raise him till he got onto his feet
I asked You to help me guide him
And my life would be complete.

Now, God, my Michael has a child
and I heard my heartbeat yet again
I have come to ask a favor, God –
Another favor, Life’s bargain…

I shall live my life for Tristan
for he is young, and small;
I ask you now to let me live
until he is grown and tall.

I’d like to do the grandma things;
see him get on his own two feet
I’d like to see him grow up
and my life will be complete…

I shall live my life for Tristan
and when my life is through
I shall thank you yet again my Lord;
All thanks were due to you.