Army Mom’s Safe Haven



I am as Homeless as if
I lived on the street
I smile, I laugh and talk
to people that I meet
But I am sad inside, and raw
from all I heard and all I saw
this past long year
I have shed so many a tear
that my eyes feel very dry and bleak
You’d never know it to hear me speak.
For 16 years, I loved someone
and now it’s been literally all “undone”
I’m not sure how to comprehend
the ugly words “this is the end”.
I am tenacious, I don’t let go
Unless I can understand and know;
I’ve been given no reason
and can’t understand why
and will wonder about it
till the day I die.
Someday, maybe, if luck will find me
I can put this sadness all behind me
and someone else will hold me near
will call me love, or maybe, dear……
although I think of that term as ours
I lay at night and think for hours.
It’s only been a matter of months
and I know I’ll be ok
But I don’t know where I belong
or where I want to stay.