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1st Section of the Sago Mine Memorial
1st Section of the Sago Mine Memorial unveiled on May 21, 2009

It’s really not so bad, my dears,
I’m just very sleepy –
I will see you on the other side…
Love you

So the miner wrote
near the end of his life
in a cold dark mine,
to his children and wife…

He Sighed
He simply slept and died

They cried

All the men and women
miners, lost in the cold and the damp
lost in the mines
with only the small comfort of a tiny
miner’s lamp

Blessings to those who go down
Blessings to those who wait up above
To all of you, now,
I send my sorrow and love.

Author’s Note: For the Miners who died in the Sago, West Virginia, mine disaster