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Christina: A Sappy Doggy Love Poem


He was small and frightened
when we brought him home
just a little ball of black and white
who seemed so all alone.
He looked just like our older dog,
enough to be her son,
She was leery and jealous
but soon her heart was won -

He is a loving little fellow
and a little overweight -
still, if I had a garden gate
that is where he'd wait.
Wherever, I go, he goes.
when I sleep, he sleeps.
When I awake, I find him there
my little sweetheart, "Jeeps" -
in repayment for my rescue
He stays by me to guard me
protect me whatever harm
that he thinks he might see.......

And now that I am ill
and I'm dozing all the time,
he dozes, too, or sits and thinks
and watches while I'm
resting there............
in my bed or on the chair,
whenever I awaken
my Jeepers-man is there.....

And when I fell and passed out cold
he took his station by me -
and while my husband called my name -
he simply stayed beside me -
He was shut up in the bedroom
when the medics came
and only calmed when I was able
to call out his little name...

My sweet and grateful Jeepers
I could never give you all
the love that you have shared with me
since you were very small.....
I'll do the very best for you
that I can ever do -
as you have done for me, my friend,
your whole existence through.

©Copyright April 2001 by Christina