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Jackie and John Jr
Jackie and John Jr
Say the name
“Jackie” and I think of
dark hair, a pink hat and suit,
a stunned look on her face –
elegant and dignified
coming back on the plane
with his casket, to her home –
alone, then, and only then
allowing tears to fall in a
private place –

I think of strands of pearls
when I think of her
and a cold November –
my friends and I
modeled ourselves after her –
in our dress, and manners –

there were worse models we
could have emulated…

But simply stated –

She was a lady.
A mother, a wife
with a wealth of trouble
in her life…

I can hear her laughter
when I look at this
photograph of her
with the young John-John…

I can still feel sad
when I think that they
are both now gone.