Army Mom’s Safe Haven


Photo by Bill Coleman
Photo by Bill Coleman

Simplicity, in all things…
I love the way the Amish live
the farming husband
the loving, working wife,
the children and their rosy cheeks
healthy with sunlight and good, plain food,
going barefoot in the summer weeks…
and in the graveyards, the
simplicity carries through…
some of the stones are old
and some are new……
simple Amish stones
mark the places where the
faithful sleep
nothing fancy, no guardian angels
made of marble or rough hewn rock;
a little lamb, stops by to graze
in the warming springtime days,
There is little time to weep
for the loved one lost, little time to talk
about the child who’s gone…
for now the farming must go on.
There’ll be time enough
when the winter snows
cover the little Amish stones
with white, when the landscape knows
that we all need time to just reflect
on life; the way we store and collect
memories, dreams and thoughts of those
who have gone before, not to
walk with us anymore.
I’ll think often of the little Amish stone
and the little lamb standing there all alone
Amish stones, and springtime life
and the Amish farmer and his wife.