Army Mom’s Safe Haven



They’ve convinced her to
spend the evening with them;
her friends from so long ago.

They’ve laughed and they’ve cried
and they’ve ordered a ride

to the trendiest club
in the town.

Once, long ago, she
was the belle of the ball –
she didn’t dance with just one,
she danced with them all.

As she enters the club
the excitement returns,
she feels just the way she did then…

the only thing different
about this dark night
is the perception
of most of the men.

she feels she is young;
her soul taps to the beat
of the drummer, who wears
his hair long,

but the men see an older
version of her
and seek out some other
to dance to the song.

She smiles and she sways
to the beat of the music
and the sadness starts to
move in…

She’s the same lovely lady
down deep in her soul

but she wonders if she
will go dancing again.