Army Mom’s Safe Haven


We Are Closed For Inventory!

America is closed.
To be re-opened
at a later date –
We are doing this
for our own good;
not because
we feel any sort of hate
toward any one race,
no religion, creed or class –
Please be very careful,
don’t walk on our
newly planted grass……

We’ll be sprucing up our cities
and planting lots of trees;
We’ll be cleaning up the air
to make it easier to breathe.

We’ll be helping our old folks
and sending kids to school;
We need to get our kids off drugs
and re-teach the Golden Rule.

Our borders will be closed
While we clean our shores and seas;
We need to rid our country
of guns, drugs, and disease.

We’ll be revamping politics,
and the politicans, too!
We’ll have several worthy candidates ~
And the choice is up to you!

We’ll be cleaning up our act!
We’ll be closing all the borders;
If we can’t abide by our own rules,
We can’t give any orders

by which any another country
“should” run their government.
We need to feed our own poor,
and watch where our money’s spent.

We’ll give ourselves just ten years
to get ourselves on track –
[As for illegal aliens,
we must simply send them back.]

We will revamp our healthcare;
We’ll get education right –
We’ll help our military
rebuild America’s might.

Physician, Heal Thyself!
Is a phrase that comes to mind ~
Once we were a great power,
but we’re being left behind.

We cannot be the world’s police,
we can’t dictate their ways.
We’re closing up our borders.
There can be no more delays.