Army Mom’s Safe Haven



Come in – come in
and welcome,
I am so glad to see
that you have chosen
now to spend some time
alone with me.
Do not be afraid of me –
this death is solely mine;
no harm can come to you, dear one,
from this, my dying time.
I have begun to “pass away” –
to pass into a space
that until now was new to me
and had no human face.
I’m unafraid.
I am relieved
to have no fear at last;
Something has come to comfort me
and divest me of my past.
Like the shedding of the layers,
a discarding of the skin,
one by one, they peel away
leaving just the core within.
I’m tired now –
I’m ready for
my journey to begin.

Farewell, to you my dear one;
I wish you all the best
that life and love can offer
until your final Rest.