Army Mom’s Safe Haven



Boy and Mer-GirlLook what I caught
the boy exclaimed
I can’t believe my eyes!!
The mer-girl laughed
and said you can’t keep me here,
A mermaid soon dies…
Ok, he said, I’ll throw you back
but can you talk for a bit?
Oh, yes, she said; I have a little time
Say what you want,
I’ll float and you sit.
I never believed, said he,
there were creatures like you –
I thought it was all make believe
She laughed in a tinkly way
and said:
Remember this, ‘cause it’s true
Do one thing for me………
Believe in angels and fairies
Oh, the wonders you’ll see
Just keep your heart open
and they’ll appear in a flash……
and he kissed her soft cheek
and she left with a splash.