Army Mom’s Safe Haven



The sky is “brooding”
and so am I.

What is there to brood about?
I ask the gray-tinged sky –

The clouds are hanging low,
perhaps filled with
flakes of future snow.

And I?

I am moody today –
always wondering
about tomorrow,
wondering where the
years went,
and sometimes forgetting
to listen to the day –
the “present”;

Wanting to listen to
sad music, and
read poetry by other
gloomy souls……

I need to tear myself
from brooding
on the precipice
of a brand new year,
a new day.

God Be with you,
and with yours –
as you walk the path
of your life –
I wish you sweet dreams.

I wish you joy;
I wish you peace
and a reconnection with
your inner girl or boy.