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Aboriginal Cave Art, Laura, Cape York, AU
Photo: Aboriginal Cave Art, Laura, Cape York, AU
Brother Paul –
can’t rhyme at all?

He says his best one is:

There once was a
caveman named Dave
who didn’t know how
to behave –

He tried and he tried
a poem to write,
but he could do
nothing but rave –

Raving with rage
in a dangerous age,
Poor Dave
was frustrated and blue;

Dave’s wife was so sad
that Dave was so mad
that she thought she’d
try writing one, too…………

Taking a stick
from the fire that crackled,
she made marks
on the walls, while
Dave sputtered and cackled,

She drew a mad face,
and a map of their place –
watched as Dave
paced and he grunted;

There once was a
Caveman named Dave,
who lived in a fairly nice Cave;
We know this because
Mrs. drew what he was
and she showed
all the things that
Dave hunted!

So, dear brother Paul,
don’t be worried at all
that you have problems
with making a rhyme ~

In this day and age,
with no need to rage,
you can look up neat quotes
and big words and prose –
And write witty poems
in no time!

Author’s Note: For my brother, Paul