Army Mom’s Safe Haven


(for Tristan)

Photo: Tristan with his interactive Picture Book - 2005
On Easter, we had our
first real phone “conversation”

At 3, his perspective
on Life is pure,
although his speech is
sometimes muddled
and unsure

Sweet little man
telling me about the important things
in life

His new “book”,
his cars
his train,
the cat
and then
his book again!

Dear little grandchild,
I couldn’t bear to miss
hearing you tell me tales
of happiness, or woe

He said “In a Minute!”
when his mom said it was
time to go ~~

In a minute – a sentence
(for all purposes and intent!)

“Love you, ByeBye” – he said ~~
and then he went.

Sweet little grandson
I love you so.
You live in my soul;
just wanted you to know.