Army Mom’s Safe Haven



Most of my conversations
with You seem one-sided –
Sometimes your answers are clear
most often, I’m near-sighted…

I often stumble blindly
sometimes thinking I will fall –
I know I’ll get back up
Because I’m not alone at all.

I know You’re always near me
in the Winter and the Spring –
In the summer with her flowers,
in the Fall when breezes sing…

For instance, just this morning,
in the wind and in the rain
I felt your Hand pass by me
to take away my pain.

Today, I prayed for Mother,
whose birthday is today –
I know she’s up there with You
and this is what I pray:

Thank you for a mother’s love,
and a father’s strength, so true –
Thank you for my friendships,
and my siblings sent by You.

I thank You for the seasons;
Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall.
I thank you for my friends
and my family, one and all.

Give me Strength to bear
my troubles
and Hope to get me through –
And know that I am grateful
that I can turn to You.