Army Mom’s Safe Haven



Christina: Dear Little BoyDear Little Boy, with your
wood building blocks
so unaware of political talks
that will shape your near future
and become your dark past
when all’s said and done,
at the long-last.

Dear Little Boy, with your
twelve building blocks
building your castles

and throwing your rocks,
in small cowboy boots,

with your silly toy gun
you’re a cowboy today;

thinking battle is fun.

Dear little man,

with no worries or woes
with your sweet chubby hands,

and your
make-believe clothes
soon you will wear a uniform proud
and your all too real guns will shoot very loud;

oh, how frightened I’ll feel, until
you come home,

in one way or another
Home to your friends,

and home to your Mother.

Little Boy, Little Boy play with each block
and waste time away,

while we sit here and talk…
Hurry Him, Worry Him – Make Him a Man
ahhh sweet little boy, stay
as young as you can

Adulthood is not all

it’s cracked up to be…
Hand me a block – come play with me.