Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: Defeated
Trigger (The dog in the poem)


I am alone,
deserted -
I have one friend
who lives across
the street
she gives me water
and every time,
a simple little treat
but most of all she
touches me,
and pats me, and
she talks -
You see, my owner
is indifferent
and I never take
long walks -
for I am chained
in his small yard,
as ignored as the
large tree there...
I wag my tail
when he comes home
He has no words to spare...

I used to cry and scream
for them
to come and play with me.
It didn't matter anyway
they didn't seem to see
that I was very lonely;
they were my only "pack" -
but when they had the baby
I was shuffled to the back

I am the wounded canine
I am tired and worn and thin
except when she comes over;
I wish she'd take me in.

But she has her own lucky dog
I've seen her, full of praise -
oh, how I long to be some dog
with whom some loved one

I never howl or cry these days
I know I am defeated
I will die chained up in this yard
I'm not beaten, but mistreated...

The SPCA may come for me
and put me to my death
It might be a relief for me
and with my dying breath
I'll wish I had an owner
who spoke to me and played
someone who ruffled up my fur
someone glad that I had stayed...

Until then, all I have is she
who lives across the street
She means so well, she does her best
she gives me things to eat -

But most of all she gives me pats
and hugs me to her chest.
To all the ones who don't love me,
I love her the best.

©Copyright February 2002 by Christina