Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: Don't Read Between the Lines


My child and I have had some words
Hurtful, brutal, bad...
And after hurt and anger,
the next emotion's sad.
You say "Don't read between my lines -
you'll never find me there"......
You say you've been there all the time
I guess I don't know where.
I really don't know where you are
and that connection we once had
is now nothing but a scar.
Oh, child of mine, you never see
how very much you mean to me.
You say we have our differences
we don't understand each other
But oh, you know me well enough
to push the buttons of your Mother...
you know how to break my heart,
you know how to make me smile;
and no one hugs me like you do
but it's been too long a while.
You can break my heart or sear my soul
but my love for you, I can't control.
You came into my world
amid pain and blood and tears.
Nothing you can say or do
will make me love you less
throughout the coming years.
And if you're angry at this poem
and think I don't understand -
well, I can say I'm sorry;
But you're still my brave young man,
My baby boy, my child, my teen
There's no need to read between
these lines, for when I say I love you
That's exactly what I mean.

©Copyright October 2003 by Christina