Army Mom’s Safe Haven


I have been eating
words today,
some were mine,
some belonged to
someone else;
all of them were fine.

I spit out the seeds
of War
and cut the crust off the
Earth with a knife,
down to her core.

I made a salad of verbs
and threw in an adjective or two
and made bread pudding
out of some tasty nouns
and made a delicious
pot of poet stew.

I have been reading
and then eating words -
and language was my sweet

I did some seasoning and
some salting of
things with punctuation
it wouldn't hurt.]

Some of the words were dry
and difficult to chew,
and some nearly choked me
before I was through.
I had to wash them down
with an inky home-brew.

I've had a fine time today
learning, and cooking,
eating, and wondering,
turning pages of poet-food
just thinking and looking.....

Now my lips are black
and there's ink on my chin
But I think to myself:
I'll have to do this again.

©Copyright August 31, 2006 by Christina