Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: Ego


I once bordered on the beautiful
I know this because of what men told me
How they reacted to me
How they wanted to be with me
and things they did for me.
And now that I am older,
no longer beautiful in the same way
I am relying on what's inside me
trying to get in touch with the loving
thoughts I think; letting kindness guide me
in the way I want to hug the ones who hurt
and make it right, when things go wrong.
It's not the same kind of "pretty"
and no one calls me "babe" anymore
(though that may once again come to pass)
I'm trying to live my life these days
creating memories that will live on and last.
The best anti-aging cream in the land
is the feeling that comes
when you lend a helping hand.

©Copyright December 2003 by Christina