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Jeepers: October 1990 - July 1, 2006
For Jeepers - October 1990 to July 1, 2006


Well, they said it was kind
to leave you behind
while I journey on now
all alone

They said it was kind –
you were old,
going blind

But your sad eyes
searched mine
for some kind of sign

that I'd end it
and we could go home.

You scratched at the door;
your paw feeble and sore
and I felt my heart
break into bits

They said it was kind
to leave you behind
They said it was harder
for me, than for you,

I hope that is so,
for I loved you, you know,
and my crying now
comes in short fits.

They told me it's better
to leave you behind;
you were sick
and you couldn't see.

the pain is all mine
'cause I left you behind
Time is the Healer for me.

My heart is so broken
it lets out the tears;
Goodnight, my old Jeepers
my funny, sweet friend;
who loved me through all the years.

©Copyright July 6, 2006 by Christina