Army Mom’s Safe Haven



I sometimes look into my eyes
while brushing out my hair
I wonder who I’m looking at
while I am standing there –

It hasn’t been a good few months
my eyes look sad to me –
But when I step outside the door
you see the best of me…

I smile, and with my makeup on,
you cannot see the tears –
with lotions, cream and other things
that help erase the years.

Where did the other girl I was
disappear from here;
The young one with the baby
who lived in hope and fear…?

My son, the child, is now a man
they say he has my eyes
and now he’ll be a father;
I know he will be wise…

I hope he’ll take the time to read
to his wee darling boy;
to play with him and hug him
and fill his life with joy.

I gaze into the mirror
at the woman I now seem,
made wiser now, made softer now
like the gently melting stream…

I am the one I am today
because Life has molded me this way.
With lots of laughter, and lonely tears
my eyes show how I feel each day…

Submitted for the November 2001 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Eyes and Love”