Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: February


There's snow on the roses
and ice on the grass
there are no leaves on trees
just crystals on the window glass...

I'm sitting in my window seat
watching cardinals flit and fly
and wondering, as I do sometimes
why, oh why, can't I?

The trees are silhouettes at night
they look cold and still to me
yet, in the spring, they'll be pale green
the way that they should be.

You'd think I'm really shivering
in this cold place, full of ice
when really I'm in Florida
where it's actually quite nice...

Hibiscus trees are blooming
the birds and squirrels are playing;
the fish in the pond out back are fine
the willow trees are swaying -
there's green on all the trees

Sometimes I miss the wintertime
and all its memories.

©Copyright February 1, 2002 by Christina