Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: For Bart

(for Bart Simpson, the Cat)

We named the cat Bart Simpson
he was yellow and so funny
his personality was sweet
and his loving was like honey -
he loved every person that he met
and sometimes doggies, too -
loved little kittens
but not the big cats who
came in his yard or other dogs -
dogs he didn't know
well, he routed them in no time
he'd show them where to go...

He was my yellow tabby
and the sweetest cat I'd known
when I was sick, he'd curl up quick
and make his presence known...
he'd purr and thrum and hug my tum
just like a heating pad
and when he was killed, my heart
was broken, and oh, I felt so sad.

It's been a year and 2 whole months
since I lost my Barty man -
I may get another kitten
but no kitten ever can
replace the one who knew me well
who's waiting for me there...
at the top of Heaven's gate
young again, and whole again
He'll be waiting on the stair....
He'll come to find me in the crowd
if I make it through...
and love me in a kind of way
that I never really knew
was possible in animals;
So few people have the trait -
and so I miss my Barty man
but will see him at the Pearly Gate.

©Copyright October 2001 by Christina