Army Mom’s Safe Haven



Up in the Heavens tonight is a star,
twinkling and shiny and new –
If you look up and gaze at the dark of the sky
you’ll see it – it’s shining clear through.

A bright shining star – so new to the skies
that you can’t help but bask in the glow
of the new soul residing within the moonbeams;
She’s someone we all love and know.

There’s no pain in Heaven, no sorrow.
But we cry, we wonder and grieve,
for this is the lonely and sad way of the Earth –
this wondering – “Why must she leave?”

She has left us a clear trail to follow,
with a blaze of stardust and a tear.
Look up to the Heavens;
She’s not really lost.
She’s serene –
She is safe.
She was dear.