Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: Full Circle


As the sun sets
and the moon rises,
and the reverse
begins again,
so all things
are circular
and ever will remain.

The wars are fought
and won and lost
and oh, the human,
heartfelt cost.
First the beginning,
then an end -
and then war starts
sometime again -
Full circle for all men.

Birth to death,
and in between -
these lives we're in alone -
we're born alone
we die alone
but we're not meant
to live alone...

and so we go full circle.

Our mothers give us birth
our fathers, also there;
and friends and family members
with whom our lives we share...

The earth goes through its seasons -
Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall.
The end and the beginning -
birth and death and in between,

Full circle, go we all.

©Copyright January 2002 by Christina