Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: Girl and Cat


There's something comforting about a cat
when they snuggle and purr, and act like that
when they seem to know that your heart is broken
when they give their love, with no word spoken.
Whoever said that animals can't talk
has never allowed themselves to be shown
that an animal knows when we feel alone
They look at us a certain way, they say they understand
with body language they do their best
to lend a helping hand.
Don't push your animal away;
don't ever be mad
when they beg for your attention;
for they have something we've never had
an ability to know, with no words spoken
when we're in pain and our hearts are broken.
Let them comfort you, let them care
and tell you in the only way they know
that if you let them love you, unconditionally,
you will reap the benefits that they sow.

©Copyright December 2003 by Christina

For the animals in our lives