Army Mom’s Safe Haven


Give me an honest
a decent person,
one who admits
and says he's sorry...
who's working for my good
not someone who says something
just because he should

Not someone who
has a lot of money,
not someone who
thinks he is better
than we are;
not someone
who thinks his is
the "only" way

Could someone like
that win today?

His private life
should remain his own,
just like mine.
I wouldn't want
him listening
on my party line...

Don't give me someone
who thinks he does
not have to ask questions,
someone who doesn't
wonder what I think, or need;
someone who isn't
eaten up with greed.

Give me a nice guy,
a decent man, or woman,
someone I'd like to
have come to visit
someone who could
come for dinner,

so that I'd feel good
when he's declared the winner.

Give us a selection
when it's time for the election

I don't care what Bible
he lays his hand upon –
the King James Version
or the Qu'oran

God answers to whatever
name you call.

My desires
are just daydreams
after all.

©Copyright February 19, 2007 by Christina