Army Mom’s Safe Haven

(Donna Gilbert)

G is for Guma, Grandmother, wife and our friend
U is Unselfish straight to the end
M stands for Memories and Motherly Love
A is for Angel, now resting Above.
Dance among the Stars, Guma

©Copyright November 3, 2003 by Christina

It is a gorgeous day here in Ohio and Jean and I are getting ready to go to Guma's viewing and service. She's in the shower and I am in a panic trying to find my blue stockings... It's bright and sunny and I think Guma would have liked this day.

I wrote a little something - nothing deep - for her and I will try to print it out for Jenn (Donna's daughter) and family before we go. Guma wrote me over and over when I was so lost in Florida and I thought it fitting that I write something for her.