Army Mom’s Safe Haven


Hubby has a gun
I do not
Don't want to shoot
OR get shot...

Too blind to see
in the night,
prob'ly shoot the dog
if I had to fight!

I have a hatpin
under my pillow
I'll wait till he's close
then stick the fellow...

Now if the dog can't get him
or if he hurts my pet
I'll have to pretend
I'm asleep and yet,

I'll be wide-awake
I'll be waiting there
with a pin under pillow
and an angry stare

If he tries to get me
it'll be a fight
I know how to kick
and I know how to bite

and that little pin
I bet it will hurt
If I jab him hard
in his private part -

If he's far away
then I'll have to run
'Cause I, unlike hubby,
I have no gun!

©Copyright April 16, 2002 by Christina