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Christina: HalloweenHALLOWEEN

All Hallows Eve
Holy Evening;
Scare the devil
with your screaming

Send him away
where he won’t be seen
Scare him away
This Halloween.

Light Jack’s way
with a carved pumpkin;
so he can find his way
back again

Dress up your children
and you, yourselves,
to fool the spirits
and evil elves.

Put out your fires
and dampen your coals,
spirits won’t enter
when a hearth is cold.

Mark the new season
with silly things
Like good thick soup
made of black bats’ wings

Wander the lanes
saying you’ll pray
wander the streets
praying sins away –

Shiver and beg
Wander and pray
Be glad when the sun
brings a brand new day!

Submitted for the October 2006 IWVPA Theme Project, “Halloween”