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Christina: I Am... The Painter
"The Painter's Honeymoon" 1864 by Frederick, Lord Leighton


I Am...
a time of discovery,
the beginning
and the dew shining
on the new spring grass
the early morning sunshine
and the rainbows in a
looking glass...

I Am...
Time reined in -
rivers harnessed,
(see the way they flow)
we turn to each other -
before the fire
with its enchanting glow -

I Am...
the Painter
and you are my new wife
let me show you how I
translate your smile
watching your heart beat
all the while -

I Am...
... the Painter
I shall paint you
as lovely as this month
named June -
I am the Painter
and this is our

©Copyright August 2004 by Christina

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