Army Mom’s Safe Haven


I was a poet
on my wedding day ~
less a poet
when he went away.

The words came back
when I met another;
for a while I was singing ~
poet, wife, and mother.

I was a poet
at my mother's funeral
looking in the casket
like a little girl;

my gentle mother
now, long gone
I was a poet
just struggling on

I was a poet
when my father died;
lost the words for a bit
'til the tears all dried.

I was a poet
at the August dance;
watching my siblings
take a chance

with the younger folk
leaping in their merry way

My yesterday has become today.

I observed that
we stayed close to each other
each of us a child
to a lost dad and mother...

now too far away
to ever hold or touch ~
those dear people
whom we loved so much

I think, now
as I did then,
that Life is fleeting
and we, as kin,

need to make time
to gather near;
for the cost of separation
is much too dear...

and before we know it,
the Future will be here.

©Copyright May 24, 2007 by Christina