Army Mom’s Safe Haven

Christina: In Memory of Annalise and Holly

(For JJ)

Among the tumbleweeds,
where the purple sunset
and the diamonds in the velvet sky
meet the mesa
his memories live - he can't forget -

Here, he grieves, even now,
and remembers the wife and child
who left too soon -
Here he sees them smile
in a sliver of a low hung crystal moon

Among the tumbleweeds
and the shooting stars
and the purple velvet of the night

High on the mesa
he talks to them
and remembers their laughter
with delight

There, in the desert blowing sand
He remembers the wedding ring
on her hand
and the day their lovely child was born
and he feels their love
in the desert morn -

And then back to his life
as it is now,
with an empty space still there -
Knowing that his memories will keep
In the winds that whisper
in the desert air.

©Copyright June 2004 by Christina