Army Mom’s Safe Haven

(To Charlie and Carol, for Phil)

I didn't know Phil
but I am acquainted with his father
and I had heard of Phil;
I had heard of his trip
to the ER
when he was so ill;

I knew he'd gone to the hospital
and then was transferred to another
accompanied by his mother;
and finally, he was lost to them.

I wondered, at the time,
how does a parent go on ~
How can you breathe
when your son cannot?
You would give anything for him...

How do you smile
when your son will smile
no more?
Can you ever really
laugh again,
when your heart is
raw and sore?

Do you go to work one
day, soon after,
and manage to stay
the entire day?

Some time has passed
since Philip's loss, but
I still wonder, even now,

How do you cope
with a child's death?
It doesn't matter if
the child is a child
or is long grown ~
when he draws his
final breath.
He is our own.

My thoughts and prayers
go with his parents,
people I know, only
through the net.

I would like them to know:

I never did forget.

©Copyright June 2004 by Christina

Thank you Chris, there are so many more words that should be said to you for this but I cannot see thru the tears, thank you.

Charlie Scott Johnson
June 9, 2004